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Charney Consulting is a coaching and leadership development firm for chief executive officers (CEOs), senior leaders, and teams in organizations of all sizes and industries, from start up to the largest Fortune 100.

Charney Consulting

We specialize in breakthrough thinking at critical business reflection points including naming new leadership and change of control; refreshed company strategy; mergers, acquisitions or other transactions; individual and team growth potential and their emerging capacity to learn in service of complex, adaptive environments in which they work.


Afford leaders at all levels the means to explore and unlock their potential.

Team Coaching

Learn to develop communication skills within your teams that lead to higher-quality decision making, commitments, and results.


Develop relationships that help your team remove barriers and reach mutually satisfying outcomes.

Change Leadership

Learn how to remain effective, productive and resilient during inevitable times of change.
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Renee Charney, PhD, PCC CEO and Founder

Renee Charney has over 25 years of corporate experience in coaching, learning, leadership, and organizational development and effectiveness. With an emphasis on emerging and established leaders and their teams, her expertise includes coaching and facilitating for individual and team growth, and leading initiatives that influence ongoing development and change.

With a PhD in Leadership & Change, Renee’s focus is in training business leaders to engage in powerful conversations, make sustainable impact, and achieve results. Her experience spans industries such as financial services, telecommunications, defense, travel, and non-profit organizations, working with a variety of Fortune 500 companies including ADP, Colgate-Palmolive, Johnson & Johnson, Cendant, BAE Systems, and Comcast.

Increase your team's capacity for growth mindsets, effective relationships, and achieving their best selves and work.



Build Relationships, Develop Trust, and Have Important Conversations

At Charney Consulting, our process affords leaders and teams at all levels the means to explore and unlock their potential, deepen confidence and capability, focus language and action intentionally, and ultimately improve personal and business results. In partnership, we:

Thought Partnership

Clarity to Create Space, Place, and Pace

Charney Consulting is committed to working with you as a thought partner. Our guiding principle for coaching and consulting is to achieve the balance of “Space, Place and Pace”—creating space to explore, learn and take action on issues that are most challenging; helping with discovery and establishing an optimum place through understanding and leveraging of values and strengths; and identifying, learning and practicing ways to achieve and sustain a balanced pace between work and personal life.

Tests and Assessments

Charney Consulting is certified to administer and interpret tools and assessments that measure individual, leadership, and team skills and style.